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Born in London, England, Marlon Bryan migrated to the United States where he experienced the rigorous lifestyle of New York City and Philadelphia before relocating his family to Broward County, Florida. Marlon considers himself a "city slicker" influenced by his parents' West Indian heritage.



Marlon is the founding member of Bryan Law forming a litigation team of more than 50 years of combined experience in the areas of Business Litigation, Condominium and Homeowner Association Representation, Real Estate Litigation, and Property Damage Claims.



Marlon has extensive experience in protecting client interests in several areas of law. Marlon views litigation as the second tier to resolving disputes should mediation, arbitration, or dispute resolution fail. He passionately believes that an aggressive trial strategy results in wins in Court. Marlon is an experienced trial attorney who understands that an educated client on the law helps to narrow the issues and reduce the cost in litigation. Marlon has represented several small and large businesses during distressful conflicts with vendors, employees, directors and board members.   


Marlon took on the task of representing several Florida condominium and homeowners’ associations when they could not afford legal counsel during the last economic crisis. Additionally, Marlon has successfully represented some of the most prestigious community associations in South Florida in complex legal matters. With Marlon's guidance, the team of attorneys at Bryan Law can also help Association Boards amend their Declarations, By-laws and Resolutions, as well as prepare the Boards to handle daily disputes. Marlon believes a well-run community association benefits homeowners by creating a community with established guidelines for good living. Marlon will serve to provide advice, counsel and legal oversight to assist association boards meet their fiduciary duties.

Marlon Bryan

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